EverythingMe launcher is Shutting Down


EverythingMe launcher, one among st the foremost standard third party launchers on Android’s Play Store, is move down and can presently now not be downloadable.

The launcher was legendary for having the ability to arrange your apps supported context, like predicting that apps you wish to open and discovering whole new apps for you.

Unfortunately, it’s another case of a developer move down for lack of cash.

A blog post on EverythingMe’s blog explains the ending. It’s recommended app install based-revenue model merely didn’t pan out:

EverythingMe’s revenue model assumptions were supported discourse discovery – you get app and content recommendations that area unit relevant for you at the correct time and place. The #’s we’ve shown were breaking all business benchmarks, however growing in rising markets meant we couldn’t convert this added discovery to important income for the corporate to stay following its vision and build its product.

If you’re craving for a replacement launcher, the corporate recommends you are attempting out Google’s official providing.

In the in the meantime, you’ll be able to still transfer EverythingMe launcher, however don’t expect it to remain on the Play Store for long; the corporate says it’ll solely be online for a “few a lot of days.”

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