“Flipkart Lite” : Flipkart launch its mobile Friendly Website


We’ve detected regarding Flipkart and Myntra’s move to go app just for an extended time currently. Over the past year, the thought behind associate degree app solely strategy has been weighed each from a business likewise as consumer’s purpose of read.

Mostly, it’s in agreement that a business must be wherever customers are. This looks to own been evident with the app exclusive sales that have happened throughout the gay season. whereas Flipkart set to go app solely, its contender Amazon went with a mixed strategy between its web site likewise as app.

Sure the app solely strategy cannot utterly be ridiculed as having no basis, considering that a considerably high proportion of users square measure transacting via smartphones. whereas we’ve got expose these queries within the past once Myntra set to shut its web site, what did stand out is that the proven fact that a business was pushing its method on to customers instead of provide customers the choice to decide on that platform suits them the simplest.

It seems, Flipkart and Google are operating along to form a brand new mobile optimised web site that might aid smartphone users to continue searching on the ecommerce platform while not having to put in an application. Moreover, users on platforms aside from android, or iOS may additionally interact via a mobile browser.

It seems that through the full argument around its app solely strategy, Flipkart had lost out on a chance to convey to its user base that it extremely cared for its customers and would go the additional mile to confirm that they may still look on the platform of their alternative wherever they were most comfy.


According to rearrange, the launch of the Flipkart mobile website is additionally a win for Google. the increase of mobile apps effectively means that the full searching expertise is on the far side the scope of Google’s search and advertising business that generates the foremost important proportion of its revenue.

The rearrange piece quotes Peeyush Ranjan, VP of Engineering at Flipkart WHO aforesaid that apps have the benefits of a cleaner interface and therefore the advantage to remain offline. He extra that despite these blessings, one important challenge is that the majority users access the service via low-end smartphones that aren’t updated often. In stark distinction, to remain updated on a browser, a user merely must hit Refresh!

What’s attention-grabbing is that the partnership between Flipkart and Google to form Flipkart low-cal has begun once ex-Googler Ranjan took over because the VP of Engineering at Flipkart.

We believe this move may be a positive step and indicates that sense has finally prevailed at Flipkart. For customers, this additionally indicates that searching won’t essentially mean putting in another app, however might be a matter of alternative between an app or the great previous browser.

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