Google Play Store : Try your favorite app before downloading it.


Trial Run Ads can possible be fashionable gaming apps, permitting users to stream a game before deciding if they love it enough to transfer the entire thing.In a sample ad by shopping web site Zalora, its ad lets users expertise and gauge the worth of its service to hopefully receive installers that’ll producer higher user engagement within the long-standing time. It’s a method that Google sees as win-win for each shoppers and developers.

“Users get a taste of the game before going through the download process, and therefore the app developer attracts higher qualified users who’ve chosen the game supported their experiences within the app,” Google writes in a very blog post.

In addition to test Ad, Google also will utilize HTML5 to let advertisers produce interactive interstitial, like swipe able galleries (a la Instagram and Facebook) or scratch-off ads.

Both the 2 new ad formats are on the market nowadays in beta to a get set of advertisers.

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