“Happy Diwali” to you All : from the “Founder’s Diaries”



Hello Folks I hope you all are enjoying this festival of holidays, May the Light and Sparkles of happiness get your path towards Progress &Continued Success “Deal Of the day India” and its Superbly Dedicated team



  1. Rahul Sindal –President & Founder
  2. Sandeep Sindal – Chief Executive Officer
  3. Vivek Pant – Chief Operating Officer
  4. Shubham Panwar –Senior Test Analyst
  5. Amit Deo Panwar – Head of IT Operations
  6. Ravi Lakhani – Chief Marketing Officer
  7. Ravi Parashar – Research and Development
  8. Pranav Jain – Content Organizer

Wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous “DIWALI “as we all know Diwali is India’s annual “Festival of Lights,” the biggest holiday of the year. Think of it as a combination of Fourth of July and fireworks, exchange of gifts, decorative lights on homes, and joyous. We assume that you are finding your best deal, Sales, Provided by us on this Special occasion of Diwali and we promise you to keep providing the best deals and offers. So Keep Shopping with “Deal of the day India” and give us a privilege to delight you with the best deals and offers on our Indian e- commerce market.



Tonight’s sky will be alight with fireworks and it will sound like a war zone. For those who like this sort of thing, you can buy sky rockets, bursting shells of all kinds and firecrackers sized like small grenades at the stalls all about town.
Diwali celebrates Rama and Sita’s return to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile, Sita’s abduction by Ravana and Rama’s triumph over the demon king. By decree, the roads of the kingdom were strewn with “rows of lights” welcome them home. Diwali symbolizes the conquest of evil by good, the ascendance of light in the midst of darkness and, on a deeper level, the return of the soul to its true kingdom in God from its “exile” in the land of the senses.” It is one of the half-dozen times during the year we do the Ananda “Festival of Light” because it is absolutely perfect for the occasion.



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