OnePlus 2 will permanently be available without an invite


If you passed over on OnePlus’ Black weekday ‘sale,’ wherever the corporate created its newest flagship offered while not an invitation, don’t fret too much: beginning Dec 5, the OnePlus 2 can for good be offered while not an invitation.

That said, If you’re a lot of fascinated by the smaller and cheaper OnePlus X, you’ll solely have 3 days to nab it while not an invitation, from Dec 5 to 7 in conjunction with some deals on accessories.

This time, it solely took concerning 5 months, thus either the corporate is recuperating at scaling production, or it’s realizing nobody can need to shop for their phones if they need to place such a lot effort to form a sale. Or both.
That’s excellent news for OnePlus fans; it took the corporate a full year when its 1st phone was free for it to be offered while not an invitation.

After that date, it’ll be offered while not invitations throughout specific open-sales times once weekly (the times are offered on OnePlus’ website)

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