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Gmail now searches your spam folder for missing emails

If you’ve ever misplaced an email in Gmail, it can be quite an ordeal to find it, especially if you don’t know where to start looking. You could run a search for it using the service’s search engine, but that’s not really reliable.
Did you know that besides your inbox (and your myriad of folders), the only other part of Gmail that’s been indexed is your trash? But what about your spam folder? Starting today, Gmail is offering a comprehensive search feature.
When you want to hunt down a missing email, just run a normal search and Gmail will provide results from your entire account, including your spam folder. Why it didn’t do that right away is a mystery, because we’ve all had an errant email wind up in the spam folder, only to curse the wind after many minutes lost searching for it and claiming it was never received

Really, thank you for nice tips
I like to move it move it

oh, the tips are really helpful to me. I usually miss out many important emails Sad(
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Thank you for this information, since my gmail are now filled with tons of mails (including spam) so finding a specific mail is a pain. Not to mention I can accidentally delete the important mail when I choose to delete all the mails without noticing.

I am struggling everyday looking for email weeks ago in thousands of email. It's such a nice tip which help me very much!

Thanks, but I am using inbox (inbox.google.com). Does it apply to Inbox too?
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