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Magento for newbie

As Magento is becoming the trend, more and more people are keeping track with it to build their own website or Magento mobile app. But with a newbie in magento, there seems to be so many problem, so what are the things that we have to pay attention to when utilizing Magento platform.
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What are the problems when building website and Magento mobile app? Can you explain more details to avoid it. Thank you a lot!
Everything will be alright!

I think the new Magento platform on mobile shopping apps is really superior, especially when mobile phones are becoming general among us now.
I like to move it move it

Yes you are right. Now a days Magento 2 has become very popular as a new web development platform. You have created great topic. I am also looking for some basic knowledge about Magento 2.

I totally agree with you, Sally. As a newbie, I'm having to face a lot of difficult when I use Magento extensions on my website.
It really requires technology skills, so i feel pretty hard.
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Do you guys think Magento 2 is gonna replace Magento 1 or they will exist simultaneously?
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I am a newbie being eager for finding out all about Magento. Where could I start at, bro?

Magento is an open-source platform, which is the world’s most-versatile and high-performance E-commerce platform. Unlike other platforms such as WordPress and Shopify, Magento is developed as a dedicated platform for ecommerce website, so that it has more wonderful features for your web-stores. Here are somes:
Full control: With Magento, you can control over both the front end and the back end of your site. You can easily customize your website as your wishes, from how it looks to what features it has.
SEO-friendly: Magento starts well indeed-decent URLs, meta tag control, site map, great template structure in the default themes, and even mobile friendly in the more recent versions. And if you want more, there are plenty of free and paid extensions you can grab to tweak every aspect of your site's SEO efforts and help you pick up the latest SEO trends.
Scalable: Magento is built to scale, it can easily support the needs of both small businesses and big enterprises. It provides unlimited scope for further growth and improvement. You can start with a single server, and expand as you need to - another web server here, a load balancer there, and without any need to rewrite code or plan for hours or days of downtime.
And many other features can help you to own a perfect website. If you are looking for a good platform to start an ecommerce business, Magento is the best for you.

I ain't good at this, but I can recommend you to find a Magento provider company that has a good customer care service. They would provide huge support to the newbies to get used to Magento.

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