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Magento for newbie

As Magento is becoming the trend, more and more people are keeping track with it to build their own website or Magento mobile app. But with a newbie in magento, there seems to be so many problem, so what are the things that we have to pay attention to when utilizing Magento platform.
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What are the problems when building website and Magento mobile app? Can you explain more details to avoid it. Thank you a lot!
Everything will be alright!

I think the new Magento platform on mobile shopping apps is really superior, especially when mobile phones are becoming general among us now.
I like to move it move it

Yes you are right. Now a days Magento 2 has become very popular as a new web development platform. You have created great topic. I am also looking for some basic knowledge about Magento 2.

I totally agree with you, Sally. As a newbie, I'm having to face a lot of difficult when I use Magento extensions on my website.
It really requires technology skills, so i feel pretty hard.
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Do you guys think Magento 2 is gonna replace Magento 1 or they will exist simultaneously?
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I am a newbie being eager for finding out all about Magento. Where could I start at, bro?

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