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Types of water purifiers - RO, UV, UF?

If the water type at your home is hard, then you should consider RO water purifiers. If it is not hard, i.e soft water then RO is not required. If the water contamination level is high then consider UV water purifier. But if the water is hard and contamination is also high then buy RO + UV water purifier.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRs6rijpxjUNsJKJE8rMDs...cpQQ4dpXeQ]

In short,
If the water is hard and have high contamination, consider RO + UV water purifiers.
If the water is hard and low contamination, consider RO water purifiers.
if the water is soft and have high or low contamination, consider UV purifier.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRhIBerwQPaExp5w7EkEJA...jT8BKfPOQs]

There are many water purifiers available in the market for domestic use. Each type of water purifier address a specific need such as the type of water is hard of soft, contamination level in your area water. The thumb rule is first you need to know what type of water available in your area, contamination level for that knows what type of water purifier is suitable. Poplar water brands manufacturing a combination of various water purifying technologies, from that you can choose a suitable one. I am furnishing list of water purifying technologies and their details as follows.

  1. RO
  2. UV
  3. UF
  4. Acctivated Carbon

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