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Ankita Sharma has the world in her palms. Born into a conservative middle class household, this defines the chronicle of her life. every youngster dreams of the thrills of college life and so, her admission into an MBA institute in Mumbai follows. Life seems all sunshine and flowers until a drastic turn leaves her staring at a disturbing path, only because of her own misdoing. Jump to six months later. The sun glistens on a somber building. Magnetized in view, the words ‘Mental Institute’. Who is the face staring out of the window? What if destiny twisted your journey? What if it dragged you to a place that houses your worst fears? Would you stand and fight or would you run? Set in the late eighties, across two cities, Life is What You Make It is a compelling account of growing up, determination, faith and how an unconquerable spirit can overcome the punches destiny throws at you. At its core, it is a love story that makes us question our identity and the concept of sanity.

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