Jameson Whiskey Price List in India – June 2024 (Updated!)

Jameson is one of the top Irish whiskey brands globally known for its smooth taste and milder flavor profile compared to Scotch whiskies.

The history of Jameson dates back to 1780 when John Jameson founded the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin, Ireland. Using a recipe perfected over generations, Jameson whiskey is distilled three times for extra smoothness.

Jameson whiskey price in India

Triple distillation along with the use of malted and unmalted barley gives Jameson its signature light and approachable flavor. The whiskey is matured in oak casks for a minimum of 4-7 years before bottling.

Today, Jameson is the world’s best-selling Irish whiskey producing over 29 million bottles annually at the Midleton distillery in Cork, Ireland. It is now part of the spirits portfolio of Pernod Ricard, although the Jameson family legacy remains at the core of the brand.

Jameson Whiskey Price in India 

Jameson VariantVolume (ml)Price (INR)
Jameson Original 750 mlRs 2,800
Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition750 mlRs 3,300
Jameson Black Barrel750 mlRs 3,500
Jameson Signature Reserve750 mlRs 3,800
Jameson, 18 Year Old750 mlRs 12,000
Please Note:
Prices may vary depending on the retailer, location, and ongoing promotions.
This is not an exhaustive list of all available Jameson variants and sizes in India.

Here is an HTML table showing the Jameson Whiskey prices in various cities and states in India:

City/StateJameson Whiskey Price (750ml)
MumbaiRs 2,800
DelhiRs 2,990
BangaloreRs 3,800
HyderabadRs 2,510
ChennaiRs 2,460
KolkataRs 3,170
PuneRs 3,048
JaipurRs 3,800
LucknowRs 2,510
KanpurRs 2,510
NagpurRs 2,510
IndoreRs 2,510
ThaneRs 2,800
BhopalRs 2,510
VisakhapatnamRs 2,510
PatnaRs 2,510
VadodaraRs 2,500
GhaziabadRs 2,510
LudhianaRs 2,510
AgraRs 2,510
NashikRs 2,800
FaridabadRs 2,510
MeerutRs 2,510
ChandigarhRs 2,510
PunjabRs 1973
Madhya PradeshRs 2,510
MaharashtraRs 2,800
GoaRs 2,500
Himachal PradeshRs 2,510
LadakhRs 2,510
HaryanaRs 2,510
West BengalRs 3,170
These prices are based on the information provided in the sources for Jameson Whiskey in various cities and states in India.

Here is a summary of the Jameson Whiskey price information across different cities and states in India:

  • Prices range from Rs 1,973 in Punjab to Rs 3,800 in cities like Bangalore and Jaipur.
  • Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata have Jameson Whiskey prices in the range of Rs 2,800 to Rs 3,170 per 750ml bottle.
  • Non-metropolitan cities and states generally have lower prices, around Rs 2,500 to Rs 2,510 per 750ml.
  • The lowest price is in Punjab at Rs 1,973 per 750ml.
  • Other states like Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh also have Jameson prices around Rs 2,510 per 750ml.

Overall, there is significant variation in Jameson Whiskey pricing across different regions of India, with metropolitan areas being more expensive compared to smaller cities and states.

Jameson whiskey alcohol volume/percentage and unique features

All Jameson whiskey, regardless of the variant, has an alcohol content of 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). This is the standard alcohol content for most whiskeys around the world, including bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskey.

  • Alcohol: This refers to the ethanol content in the beverage, which is responsible for its intoxicating effects.
  • By volume: This means that 40% of the total volume of the whiskey is pure ethanol.

Here are some key features that makes Jameson Irish whiskey unique:

  • Triple Distilled – Jameson undergoes triple distillation for extra smoothness and purity of flavor. Most Irish whiskeys are distilled only twice. The third distillation helps remove impurities and results in Jameson’s signature light and gentle taste.
  • Pot Still Whiskey – Jameson is made using a mix of malted and unmalted barley in copper pot stills, the traditional Irish way. This imparts a clean, fruity flavor to the whiskey. Many competitors use column stills instead for mass production.
  • Maturation – After distillation, Jameson is matured in oak casks for a minimum of 4-7 years. Some premium expressions like 18 Year Old Reserve are aged over decades for more sophisticated flavors.
  • The Maturation contributes wood notes while smoothing out the whiskey. Longer aging means more concentration of the signature Jameson taste.
  • Mash Bill – Jameson uses a high proportion of malted barley in its mash bill (grain recipe). This adds essential enzymes for fermentation and a sweet, nutty flavor. The rest is unmalted barley and other grains.

These traditional production methods combined with generations of craftmanship result in the universally appealing taste of Jameson Original and its variants. It’s what makes this quintessential Irish whiskey stand out globally.

Classic Choices:

Jameson Original is the classic Irish whiskey that showcases Jameson’s signature smooth and light taste. It has notes of sweet honey and fragrant vanilla from the malted barley. There are also hints of wood, fruit, and warm spice flavors from maturation in oak casks. Overall, Jameson Original offers a gentle, mellow flavor with a subtle sweetness that makes it very approachable and easy-drinking for any occasion. It is an ideal introductory whiskey to start exploring Irish styles.

Jameson Black Barrel is aged in charred oak barrels which gives this whiskey a richer, deeper taste. The charred barrels impart stronger wood and vanilla flavors. It also draws out more flavors from the grain due to extra exposure to the wood. This makes Black Barrel bolder and more complex than the original with a bigger body. But it still retains Jameson’s signature smoothness. Overall, the charred barrel aging results in a whiskey with more intense woody notes, some fruitiness, and a lingering finish.

Comparison of tasting notes for Jameson Original and Black Barrel:

  • Jameson Original has light notes of honey, vanilla, and spices with a smooth, mellow finish.
  • Jameson Black Barrel delivers deeper wood and vanilla flavors with a rich body and hints of fruit, owing to its special charred barrel aging.

While both possess Jameson’s trademark gentle Irish character, the Black Barrel offers a bolder, more layered tasting experience compared to the lighter, subtle Original expression.

Intriguing Innovations:

Jameson Caskmates is finished in craft beer barrels to give a unique taste. The Indian version uses barrels from Indian stout beers. This imparts extra notes of coffee, chocolate and roasted barley to the whiskey.

The stout beer barrels lend richer coffee and chocolate flavors to the whiskey along with roasted barley tones. This makes Caskmates more complex and bolder than regular Jameson.

Jameson also offers other Caskmates editions finished in IPA and cider barrels across regions like Ireland, Europe, and the US.

Premium Choice:

Jameson Signature Reserve is aged for 12 long years in oak casks. This extended maturation makes the whiskey extraordinarily smooth and complex. The rich oak flavors are balanced by subtle sweet notes.

Aged for 12 full years, this complex, mellow whiskey offers whiskey connoisseurs masterful notes of oak, spice, and dried fruit with premium smoothness. The extended aging and maturation refine the Signature Reserve as a high-end gift for discerning drinkers.

Beyond the Bottle:

Here are some suggestions for enjoying Jameson whiskeys in various ways beyond neat:

  • On the Rocks Jameson’s smooth taste profile lends itself well to sipping over ice, allowing subtle flavors to open up as a few drops of water mildly dilute the whiskey.
  • Jameson Ginger The addition of spicy ginger ale nicely lifts Jameson’s sweet honey and vanilla notes. A refined and easygoing highball cocktail.
  • Boulevardier Jameson’s malty character and fruit undertones shine when mingled with sweet vermouth and bitter Campari in this classic vintage cocktail.
  • Jameson Cold Brew For a creative twist, Jameson Cold Brew combines whiskey with cold brew coffee for a richly layered flavor profile.
  • In Cocktails Jameson’s versatility also shines when thoughtfully incorporated into a range of classic and contemporary cocktails.

However you choose to mix, serve or sip Jameson, the whiskey offers an exceptionally smooth and enjoyable experience. Savor it neat, on the rocks or in your favorite concoction.

Food Pairings that Complement Jameson.

Jameson’s smooth sweetness finds a pleasing partner in sharp cheddar or peppery blue cheese. The whiskey also marries well with dark chocolate, allowing its true depth to shine. Savoring Jameson with complementary foods like these enhances both the food and drink flavors.


The purpose of this blog post is to provide an overview of the different types of Jameson Irish whiskey available in India. I will compare the flavors, aging process, and unique characteristics of popular Jameson variants like Original, Black Barrel, Caskmates etc. The goal is to help drinkers understand and choose between the various expressions of this iconic Irish whiskey brand sold in the Indian market.

In India, your Jameson journey takes you through a spectrum of flavors, from the smooth classicism of Jameson Original with its honeyed notes to the richer depths of Jameson Black Barrel, boasting a touch of toasted wood and caramelized fruit. For the adventurous, Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition offers a unique twist with its coffee, chocolate, and roasted barley accents, while the refined Jameson Signature Reserve rewards the experienced palate with its complex symphony of oak, spice, and dried fruit. So, whether you’re a longtime whiskey aficionado or just starting to explore the world of spirits, there’s a Jameson variant waiting to be discovered in India. Raise a glass and embark on your own Jameson adventure!

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