Swiggy One Lite: Benefits, Limitations, Cost, Where to Buy and How to Sign Up

Swiggy One Lite: Benefits, Limitations, Cost, Where to Buy and How to Sign Up

Swiggy One Lite: Affordable Convenience for Everyone

Swiggy, the popular food delivery platform in India, has launched an affordable version of its membership program called “Swiggy One Lite.” This new subscription, priced at just Rs 99 for three months, offers several benefits for users across food delivery, groceries, and quick pick-up and drop services.

Swiggy One Lite aims to make convenience accessible to a wider audience. Anurag Panganamamula, Vice President of Revenue and Growth at Swiggy, highlighted the importance of this offering, saying, “At Swiggy, we’re committed to making things easier for our users. Swiggy One has been a hit, and now, with Swiggy One Lite, we’re introducing an even more affordable option.”

Swiggy has teamed up with telecom and banking brands to offer Swiggy One Lite memberships as part of their products. This partnership expands the reach of this budget-friendly membership and enhances the convenience of customers.

What is Swiggy One Lite: A Simplified Overview

Swiggy One Lite is a more affordable version of the Swiggy One membership, offering some similar benefits with a few limitations. But it’s still a best choice for users who order food and groceries from Swiggy often.

Benefits of Swiggy One Lite Membership:

Subscribers to Swiggy One Lite can enjoy a range of benefits:

  1. Free Deliveries: Get 10 free food deliveries for orders above Rs. 149 and 10 free Instamart deliveries for orders over Rs. 199. This means substantial savings on delivery charges.
  2. Exclusive Discounts: Access special discounts with savings of up to 30% at over 20,000 restaurants, in addition to regular offers. Save even more when you dine out or order in.
  3. Genie Deliveries Discount: Enjoy a 10% discount on Swiggy Genie deliveries for orders over Rs. 60. Quick pick-up and drop services are now more affordable.
  4. Exceptional Value: With a subscription cost of just Rs. 99 for three months, Swiggy One Lite delivers excellent value. On average, users can expect to save at least six times the subscription cost.

Limitations of Swiggy One Lite Membership:

  1. No Unlimited Free Delivery for Restaurant Orders: Unlike the regular Swiggy One membership, Swiggy One Lite doesn’t provide unlimited free delivery for restaurant orders.
  2. No Exclusive Restaurant Discounts: Exclusive discounts on restaurant orders are not included in the Swiggy One Lite membership.
  3. No Cashback for Restaurant Orders: Cashback benefits are not applicable for restaurant orders with Swiggy One Lite.

Cost and Access:

Swiggy One Lite membership comes at a cost of Rs. 149 for a 3-month period. An additional option to access Swiggy One Lite for free is available for Swiggy Super members.

Swiggy One Lite: Benefits, Limitations, Cost, Where to Buy and How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up:

To subscribe to Swiggy One Lite, open the Swiggy app and navigate to the “My Swiggy” section. Click on “Swiggy One” and then select “Swiggy One Lite”. From there, opt for the 3-month plan and complete the payment process.

Swiggy One Lite vs Swiggy One

Swiggy One Lite is a cheaper version of Swiggy One, which is Swiggy’s premium membership. It offers fewer benefits but is still a good choice for people who order from Swiggy regularly.

Here is a comparison between Swiggy One Lite and Swiggy One:

BenefitSwiggy One LiteSwiggy One
Free delivery on Swiggy Instamart ordersYes (10 per month)Yes (Unlimited)
Free delivery on restaurant ordersNo (10 per month)Yes (Unlimited)
Exclusive discounts and cashback on restaurant ordersNoYes
Priority deliveryNoYes
Access to exclusive offers and eventsNoYes
Price (3 months)₹104₹597
Swiggy One Lite offers free delivery for orders of ₹200 or more and Swiggy One provides free delivery, but only for select restaurant orders.

Which one’s better for you?

If you want to save on Swiggy Instamart delivery fees, go for Swiggy One Lite. But if you also order restaurant food often, Swiggy One could be a better deal with free delivery, exclusive discounts, and priority service.

Swiggy One Lite is currently available in select cities and will be accessible to all users by the end of this month. It’s ideal for those who couldn’t afford Swiggy One or didn’t fully utilize its benefits because here, you pay less!

In the end, choose what fits your needs and budget best.

In conclusion

Swiggy One Lite offers a convenient and cost-effective option for those who primarily order from Swiggy Instamart. With benefits like unlimited free delivery and exclusive discounts on Instamart orders, it’s a great choice for users looking for these specific advantages. However, if you also seek benefits for Swiggy restaurant orders, such as exclusive discounts and cashback, the regular Swiggy One membership might be a more suitable option. Ultimately, the choice between Swiggy One Lite and the regular membership depends on your preferences and ordering habits.

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