OnePlus 12 India Launch Rumors: Date, Price, Specs, and More

OnePlus 12 phone might come to India in January 2024, and it could cost around 60,000 rupees. This information comes from a reliable source named Max Jambor, who has been accurate in the past. But remember, OnePlus hasn’t officially told us the launch date or price for the OnePlus 12 yet. So, we’ll have to wait for their official announcement to know for sure.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, known as OnLeaks, and MySmartPrice teamed up to create images of the upcoming OnePlus 12. These images reveal a phone with flat edges and a centered hole for the front camera. The back of the phone has a camera bump in the top-left corner, housing three lenses.

Photo Credit: MySmartPrice/ @OnLeaks

Here’s some info about the upcoming OnePlus 12 that people are talking about:

  • The phone might have a strong Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.
  • The screen could be a 6.7-inch AMOLED one, with a super smooth 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Inside, there might be 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for all your stuff.
  • The camera on the back might have three lenses: a 64MP main one, a 50MP wide-angle, and a 50MP telephoto for zooming.
  • And don’t forget the 32MP front camera for selfies!
  • To keep it running, there could be a big 5,400mAh battery that charges up really fast with 100W support.

People are guessing that this phone might come out in China in December 2023 and in the rest of the world in January 2024. They’re also saying it might cost about $600. But remember, these are just guesses, and OnePlus hasn’t said anything official yet. So, stay tuned for more news!

Whether OnePlus 12 makes a comeback or faces a downfall in India relies on three important things: its price, features, and how they promote it. If it’s affordable and has cool features, people may like it. If it’s too costly or lacks important stuff, it might not do well. How OnePlus advertises it matters too. If they make it sound good and not too expensive, more people might want it. OnePlus used to be popular in India, but now other companies have better phones. To compete, OnePlus needs to make an excellent phone. If OnePlus 12 gets these things right, it could regain its popularity in India.

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