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About Us: DealofthedayIndia ( डील ऑफ़ थे डे इंडिया ) is one the leading terminus for cheapest online shopping in India. Founded in 2012 by Rahul Sindal, headquartered at Rajasthan and set up by bunch of young, creative experienced experts.
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When it comes to shopping online, finding a super cool “Deal of the Day” is like hitting the jackpot. This awesome idea has changed how we shop online, and Rahul Sindal, a smart person in the online shopping world, has made it even cooler with his creation – “Rahul Sindal’s Deal of the Day.” This special thing is like a magic treasure chest for people who want to save lots of money while shopping online. If you’re looking for fantastic deals that won’t make your wallet cry, just visit

Meet the Brain Behind the Magic – Rahul Sindal

Rahul Sindal is like a superstar in the world of online shopping. He saw that people really wanted to get great discounts on stuff they buy online. That’s why he came up with “Rahul Sindal’s Deal of the Day.” This amazing idea shows how much he cares about giving people a fun and valuable time while shopping. He’s really good at finding cool things and making deals with them, so you get to buy awesome stuff without spending too much.

Let’s Check Out the Daily Deals

At, it’s like a party for shopping lovers every day! The special “Rahul Sindal’s Deal of the Day” part is where you find super cool deals that change every day. You can find all sorts of things here, like gadgets, stylish clothes, stuff for your home, and more. Rahul Sindal himself picks out these deals, so you know they’re going to be really great offers.

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  1. Super Savings: Rahul Sindal knows how much everyone wants to save money. The deals on aren’t just regular discounts – they’re amazing chances to save a lot on things you really want.
  2. Lots of Choices: “Rahul Sindal’s Deal of the Day” isn’t just about one type of thing. Whether you want new gadgets, cool clothes, things for your home, or other stuff, there’s something for everyone here.
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How to Make the Most of “Rahul Sindal’s Deal of the Day”

  1. Visit Often: Don’t forget to come to regularly so you don’t miss out on the super cool daily deals.
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What we do

DealofthedayIndia provides best chosen products links to merchandise link. We are not authorizing into payment gateway. Payment option is available on merchandiser link. You can proceed to the offer paying through Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking processed through secure and trusted gateways. We offers best discounts and specials offers to help for your savings.
we connect you the link offering best and hottest deals and on-going deals but don’t sell any products. If you find any problem in placing order, you may need to contact merchant of seller. Hence, we are not authorizable for refunding, cash-back etc. we are looking forward to resolve this factors soon.

Management Team
  1. Rahul Sindal – President & Founder
  2. Sandeep Sindal – Chief Executive Officer
  3. Vivek Pant – Chief Operating Officer
  4. Shubham Panwar – Senior Test Analyst
  5. Amit Deo Panwar – Head of IT Operations
  6. Ravi Lakhani – Chief Marketing Officer
  7. Ravi Parashar – Research and Deveploment
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DealofthedayIndia is increasing day by day their footprints over globe. We are looking for new talents. your that new talents get hired at Deal of the day India. Proceed to our page that outlines current openings.


Deal of the Day by Rahul Sindal” on is a really cool idea that has changed how we shop online. Rahul Sindal knows how to find the best deals, and now you can get those awesome discounts on all sorts of things. If you want to get great stuff without spending too much, “Rahul Sindal’s Deal of the Day” is where you need to be. Start saving money today and have a blast while shopping online. The coolest deals are just a click away!